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Why Self-Determination

One thing that I thought when I first heard my child's diagnosis that really scared me was that their future had suddenly been filled with limitations. Places they couldn't go, things they couldn't do, things they wouldn't be allowed to be. Self-determination is a program rooted in families like mine, who got together over a decade ago and made it happen. Their work allows us to utilize funding in a way that the traditional system could never hope to match in terms of efficacy and, much more importantly, results! That isn't to say it is easy. One of the books we read in preparation for becoming Independent Facilitators is "Thinking Outside the Box." It breaks down the Self-Determination Program process into its basic parts and gives explanations on how that part works and its place in the whole. Anyway, it is a few hundred pages long, letter-sized paper with loop bindings. In our own journey, we hired our own Independent Facilitator to help make the transition easier.

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