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There oughta be a law about...

What bothers me the most about being a parent of children with ASD is that there are actually a whole lot of rules and laws on the books that simply aren't being used, or used well, or even incorrectly used. Blogs probably shouldn't come from a place of anger, but today I was in the waiting room of the speech facility and a couple of the moms were standing around talking about one of their children. I could hear the conversation, I have heard it many times at this point. Her child needed support, the school was non-responsive... the other mom suggested trying calling for an IEP. I sat in two different IEPs where I was told point-blank that my opinion did not matter. My heart went out to them, but I am struggling myself to make things work for my kids. Because the status quo does not. The traditional system does not. Regional Center has a TON of stuff they could and should be doing. But, they have a major conflict of interest in that they are also the gatekeepers to support and watchdogs of the budget. In short, their job is to protect the government's bottom line, not to support DDS clients. Frankly, waiting for government organizations to get their acts together and pass rules, implement them, follow them, enforce them, fund the agencies and officers necessary.... This is why I suggest the SDP. Yes, it does request an investment of time and patience, but it will get results because you get someone on your side. The next series will discuss the philosophy of ethical and moral consideration for Indepdent Facilitators.

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