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Independent Facilitation Selection Tips

What makes Self-Determination work after the PCP planning phases if finally finished.

SDP and your Independent Facilitator

Managing life is hard work. Like, crazy hard. It isn't a surprise that some of us need help managing our own alone. We rely on our families, communities, and friends to get us through. But some of us have more challenges than others. Some types are friendlier with strict schedules. Independent Facilitators help us figure out our way through navigating processes and

Before listing your tips below, add one last sentence that sums up your paragraph or offers a smooth transition to your listicle.

Tip #1 - Detail Oriented

From each detail of the meetings, to the commas in budgets, details matter.

If your details don't seem to matter, time to shop for a new Facilitator.

Tip #2 - Village-seeking

The entire concept is rooted in utilizing the village to help those that will struggle, and so your Independent Facilitator should know how to ask for help in building plans, budgets, and in finding generic resources.

Locating, accessing and coordinating services and supports consistent with the participant’s individual program plan (IPP)

Tip #3 - Knows how to make good goals

I use a variety of goal making techniques, but I point people to first.

Tip #4 - Process knowledge

You have to know to even file before you can start filing. There are many advantages to expertise in the field or near fields (as it is a very new field) such as knowing those generic resources.

Tip #5 - Good fit

I try not to call myself an Independent Facilitator so often as possible, because it is almost certainly a cold term to me and I prefer a more casual relationship with my DDS-served friends. I am terrible at details, so when you're good at them, you can forget rule #1 and hire someone who can help more in a place you need the help. That's part of the joy of this new system.

Independent Facilitators are people

They come in many varieties and the most important aspects shift, but the qualities of good Independent Facilitators are their ability to track and keep details across a big village, then make good goals and start the processes necessary to get you through it. Good fit, no sweat :)

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